Danielle and Merritt Tie the Knot!

I have to start out by saying how much I like this couple! From the time I first met them, I could tell that they would be easy to work with, quick to laugh, and low stress. All of those are wonderful keywords for a wedding photographer! My initial hunch was confirmed when we shot their engagement session. It was cold (it even snowed at one point), but they were troopers and we walked away with some great images. Come wedding day, it was, well, still cold. Nonetheless, everything flowed smoothly and the could tie the knot with ease!

The downside was, less than a week before their big day, I found out that I had shingles. Yikes. For those who know what shingles is, you know that it can be agony. For those that don’t know what it is, feel free to Google it! Basically, it’s a non-contagious virus that can cause extreme nerve pain. Anyone who has ever had chickenpox (read: basically everyone) can get it. Even dealing with that pain, the wedding day went great! I hired an extra shooter to be 100% sure that these two were well covered, though.

The ceremony was held at the newly remodeled Bethel Hall at Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls. The reception was at the beautiful (recommended!) Elk’s Lodge in Waterloo!

I hope that you both call me when you need family photos next year! I promise I won’t be limping around next time!

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