August 16, 2019

Senior Portraits – What to Wear!

One of the most difficult things about senior portraits is simply deciding what to wear. The right outfit and accessories can go a long way towards transforming your senior portraits from good to great. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll give you some Do’s and Don’ts concerning your outfit choices.

DO: Choose clothing that fits you perfectly! This starts with how the clothes fit on your body. Are those jeans too long or too loose? Does that top fit your body type, or does it just hang down? If so, ditch it! No matter what body type you are, choosing clothing that fits is crucial. Don’t settle for what fit okay last year! However, fitting you perfectly also refers to style. Those clothes you select should be YOU! Don’t dress to the nines unless that’s your style and it makes you feel comfortable. Dress in clothing that makes you feel your best about your appearance. Stand in front the mirror in every outfit. If it doesn’t make you smile, ditch it!

DON’T: Wear brand new clothing. Now, this may sound like unusual advice. Wouldn’t a photographer want clothes that aren’t dingy and faded? Of course! However, I’m also not a huge fan of clothing that looks like it came off the hanger five minutes ago. You need to wear clothing that you look comfortable in, and a lot of new clothes (especially dress shirts and many dresses) aren’t comfortable right away.

DO: Accessorize! I’ll admit, this advice is primarily aimed at the ladies, but it can also apply to the fellows! For the gals, wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or other items that accent your outfit choices. Those accessories shouldn’t overtake the clothing, but they should act as that ‘final piece’ that makes everything look great. And don’t forget the right shoes! Speaking of shoes, for the guys, considering wearing shoes that coordinate with your outfit as well. If you’re in dress clothes, you don’t want ratty old gym shoes, for example. Also, consider adding a nice watch to go along with your nicer outfits. Little details like that can go a long way!

DON’T: Wear plaids, or anything with huge logos or distracting designs. Just don’t. Everyone’s focus will go straight to those items, and that is the last thing we want.

DO: Wear clothes that compliment your skin tones. For people with lighter skin tones, avoid reds and oranges. For people with darker skin tones, avoid very light colors and white. However, you know what looks right on you and what doesn’t, so use your best judgment.

DON’T: Wear too little (or too much). The goal is that your clothing choices make you look your best, which means wearing an appropriate amount of them. Avoid cuts that are too low and midriffs that are too high. On the other side, avoid clothing that drowns you! That’s no good, either. A good rule of thumb is to dress like you are going out on a date dressed in a way both your parents would approve of.

DO: Bring props! Okay, so this isn’t exactly something to wear, but it’s important anyway. Bring along things that show the world who you are and what interests you. Whether that’s sports items, musical instruments, your truck, or anything else, consider making your hobbies a part of your senior portrait session.

By following the advice you’ve read here, you’re certain to ROCK your senior portraits! Now contact us and get your session on the calendar today!