Guest Article: Is a Destination Bachelorette Party Right for You?


One of the first questions that must be answered when planning a bachelorette party is, where will you celebrate? While many bridal parties choose to hold a small get-together at a local venue, destination bachelorette getaways are a growing trend. But is a destination bachelorette party worth it? Here are five reasons we think it is.

It’s the perfect way to bond.

Sure, you could hit up a cocktail bar or a winery in the bride-to-be’s hometown, but what’s exciting about going somewhere everyone has been a million times before? Instead of hosting a party that blends into the background, make the bachelorette party a friendship-defining memory by heading somewhere no one has ever been.

You don’t have to be afraid to let loose.

If you’re heading out in the bride-to-be’s own town, there’s a good chance you’ll run into someone she knows. Maybe you’ll cross paths with an old friend, or maybe you’ll run into a bitter ex, or worse, the bachelorette’s future mother-in-law. On the other hand, planning a destination bachelorette party means the bride-to-be and all her gal pals can enjoy themselves without the fear of an embarrassing encounter. This is also the perfect opportunity to dress up and have fun planning your outfits accordingly. However, when choosing stuff to help you get ready, such as makeup mirrors, it’s always important to compare brands first. As Smart Style Today points out, some mirrors offer magnification and others come equipped with LED lights, so make sure the one you select has all the features you need before you pay.

You can keep it exclusive.

The bachelorette party is meant for the bride-to-be’s bridal party and closest friends, but sometimes a pushy family member or ex-friend tries to invite herself along. Planning a destination event is a great way to include only the people the bachelorette wants to be there and prevent drama. It’s much easier to use the excuse of limited space when you’re booking accommodations out of town than when you’re celebrating locally.

It expands your options.

Smaller cities and towns may not have many choices when it comes to picking a party location. Depending on where you live, there may be no beach nearby, no towering mountains, and few options for an upscale night on the town. While celebrating locally doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, it could feel lackluster to a bride-to-be who has been dreaming about her bachelorette party for ages. When you plan a destination event, you have the world at your fingertips.

It can be budget-friendly.

If the thought of a destination getaway leaves you anxiously clutching your wallet, don’t worry. It’s completely possible to plan a destination bachelorette party to fit nearly any budget. Rather than heading to a big city or a popular beach resort, seek out underrated destinations that offer more bang for your buck. You can also save money without sacrificing glamour by traveling in the off-season, asking resorts, attractions, and activities about group discounts, and looking for all-inclusive deals through discount sites like Groupon. 

While a destination bachelorette party is sure to be a good time, it does require more planning than a local get-together. Finding and booking hotels and restaurants sight unseen can be daunting, but digging deep into online reviews will help you choose the best spots. If you’d rather not plan every detail, booking a stay at a resort gives you access to ritzy rooms, awesome food, and tons of on-site activities.

Play it cool, plan it safe

Social media is a fabulous way to let everyone back home know what an amazing time you’re having, but unfortunately it can also bring unwanted attention to the fact that your home is empty. All of your homes. Play it cool and wait to post party photos when you get home; your event is meant to be exclusive anyway, and it isn’t worth the risk of someone unsavory deciding to take advantage of your empty house full of valuable possessions.

Plan for how you’ll protect your home during the trip. Make sure all the attendees have a home security plan in place for while they’re gone. An empty home is a target for burglars, and accumulating mail, an empty driveway, and lights that stay off all day communicate to thieves that your home is an easy hit. Take measures to secure your home, like enrolling in a home security plan, installing motion lights, and asking a trusted neighbor to call the police if anything seems off.

A destination bachelorette party is an exciting, memorable way to help the bride bid adieu to her single life. Plan well in advance to get the best prices, and ask the other guests for ideas on how to make it extra special for your loved one. No matter where you go, you’ll create lifelong memories!

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