Aaron and Nicole: My Best Friend’s Wedding!

I’ve talked with my photographer friends many times about this specific situation. Would you rather be a guest at a friend’s wedding or working? Most of the time I would choose to be a guest. Be able to sit back and enjoy the wedding and watch everything that’s going on. However, when the person getting married is more than just a casual friend, there is a special privilege that goes along with actually working the wedding. After all, the wedding photographer spends more time with the couple than anyone else! Nicole has been one of my closest friends since 6th grade and had I been born a female I imagine I’d have been in the wedding at her side. Being a male, I was happy to photograph it instead!

It truly was a fantastic (if cold!) day and I wish you both all of the happiness that the world can offer. Do well by her Aaron!

One of my absolute favorite photos from the day. Chelsea drinking some covfefe and watching as her best friend prepares to get married. Everything about it makes me smile.

Forgot to mention above, Chelsea RAPPED her MOH speech. Yeah, set the bar pretty high!

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