Joe and Janel : Wedding and Engagement

Joe and Janel are a match made in Heaven. They complement AND compliment each other, not to mention looking adorable together. You can tell how genuinely they love each other from the moment that you interact with them together. I can tell that their wedding is going to be a tear jerker! (Also, their timing was amazing, look at those colors!)

I KNEW that these two would have an emotional wedding and I was SO right! From the moment they first saw each other (Joe brought a fresh, long stem, red rose, how sweet is that?) they tears were near the surface. Everyone was there celebrating a fantastic match and you can just tell how deeply these two love each other! They were married at Janel’s estate in Waverly and although the water was high and it was a bit humid, it was still a great wedding. Their reception was held at the wonderful Hilton Garden Inn in Cedar Falls.

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