Katie’s Senior Photos

There is something about shooting a session at the very last minute that gets the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing! Katie’s mom Theresa called me at about noon on a Saturday while my family and I were driving back from a great morning in Pella. She said that they had booked a senior session with another photographer who ended up cancelling on them at the last minute. They had all taken time off work and gotten things ready for the shoot so they were really hoping they could find a replacement. Now, normally I would try to avoid taking a last minute booking on one of the rare Saturdays that I get off, but I felt like I needed to book this one for them. Man, am I glad I did! Katie truly brought her A-game and the images turned out AMAZING! I don’t want to oversell it, but this may be my favorite senior session of the year!

Congratulations Katie, class of 2019!



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(And a big THANK YOU to Katie’s mom Theresa for the great review!)

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